Solutions for the CFO

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Bank Analytics provides custom financial modeling services for your commercial bank. Whether you are looking for a regulatory stress test on your balance sheet, a credit risk model for interbank credit, valuation of loans and securities, M&A and other pro forma financial statements, liquidity and IRR reporting, budget variance reports, or any number of ALCO reporting functions Bank Analytics can design a solution for you.

Against the backdrop new regulatory requirements, a continually challenging credit environment, and an uncertain interest rate environment, today’s bank CFO needs analytical tools that are current, reliable, and adaptable to the specific needs of the bank. Spreadsheets are an excellent tool for quick financial analysis. However, they are often stretched well beyond their limits. Formula errors can go unnoticed for quarters or years and provide decision makers with faulty information.

Bank Analytics solves this problem by building all models around a core database system that ensures data integrity. The database contains all bank call report information going back to 2000. Additionally, all ratios listed on the UBPR are calculated from our database. This provides a baseline common to all bankers and bank analysts.

Models can be based on projected future call report periods. With these projections pro forma financial statements are automatically created as well as all financial ratios on a standard UBPR. You can choose a standard report or design your own. Perform sensitivity analysis by varying any input you like. Save your assumptions automatically. Your data is confidential and secure on our servers. Additionally, you can download all reports to upload to your spreadsheet or database software for further in house analysis.



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